overflow valve

Relief valves in the form of the structure and type of moving into straight-pilot, and it's up in Hydraulic Pump export guarantee system, or limitation of the maximum pressure constant pressure, sometimes adjacent to import components in the implementation of the components of its security role. Straight moving type relief valves, mainly valve disc, valve body,, spring-loaded, roof, regulation pole, conditioning nut, and other integral parts.

Pilot valves and pilot-type relief valves are the main valves of two parts, pilot valves for cone valve, the flow is a small direct action type relief valves. With import pressure relief valves, pilot vavel disc role in the fluid pressure Fx attendant increase, when more than equal to Fx Pt2, pilot valves valves mouth opened, the pressure relief valves to import oil by damping hole, Pilot valves valves mouth overflow relief valves to export, and then back to the fuel tank. Imported oil pressure relief valves to the main valve valves mouth overflow back containers. Main valves valves mouth open for some time, pilot valves and the valve Faxin Faxin respectively in the balance of power, pressure flow valves meet the equation mouth, and the main valve to the pressure of a determined value of imports.

Valve role

Valve is a widely used mechanical product in each country's economy. You can find valves commonly used in the following fields like oil, nature gas, coal, metallurgy, mining, refinery, pipe transportation, petrochemical, chemical, pharmacy, food production, power plant, water supply / drainage, heat supply, air supply, marine, vehicle, airplane, spacecraft, military, new tech, irrigation and many other flowing systems.

There are self-driven valves and operated valves. self-driven valves( like safety valve, relief valve, steam trap, check valve ) are functioning by utilizing its mechanical design or the pressure, direction of its flow medium.operated valve( like gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve ) is fuctioning by actuator( manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic etc. ) or the pressure , flow direction of its medium. due to the differences of pressure, temperature, flow, and physical-chemical character of its medium , there are different requirements in designing and applying the pipeline system.therefore there are numerous types of valve.according to an unofficial statistics, there are more than four thousand types of valve with approximately forty thousand specifications in China. Obviously, valve is an important element in the social economy.


the 29th Olympic Games torch transfer route

April 26 news by the International Olympic Committee approved, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games organizing committee of the Millennium Monument in Beijing, today announced that the 29th Olympic Games torch transfer route and torch style. Torch style is use the traditional Chinese lucky symbols and paper scroll for originality, outside the torch transfer 22 cities, transfer inside cities and regions 113. Following the passing of time and routes Table: Time phase sequence city

2008.3.25-30 Greece inside 01 Greece inside
2008.3.31 02 Alma-ata (Kazakhstan)
03 Istanbul (Turkey)
04 Petersburg (Russia)
05 London (England)
06 Paris (France)
07 San Francisco (USA)
08 Buenos Aires (Argentina)
09 Dares Salaam (Tanzania)
10 Muscat (Oman)
11 Islamabad (Pakistan)
12 Bombay (India)
13 Bangkok (Thailand)
14 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
15 Jakarta (Indonesia)
16 Canberra (Australia)
1 7 Nagano (Japan)
18Seoul (South Korea)
19 Pyongyang (North Korea)
20 Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

domestic transfer :21Taipei (Taiwan)
22 Hong Kong
23 Macao
24 Sanya, Wuzhishan, Wanning, Haikou (Hainan)
25 Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Shantou (Guangdong)
26 Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Xiamen ,Longyan (Fujian)
27 Ruijin, Jinggangshan, Nanchang (Jiangxi)
28 Wenzhou, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Jiaxing (Zhejiang)
29 Shanghai
30 Suzhou, Nantong, Taizhou, Yangzhou, Nanjing (Jiangsu)
31 Hefei, Huainan ,Wuhu, Jixi, Huangshan (Anhui)
32 Wuhan, Yichang, jingzhou(Hubei)
33 Yueyang, Changsha, Shaoshan (Hunan)
34 Guilin, Nanning, baise (Guangxi)
35 Kunming, Lijiang, Shangri-La (Yunnan)
36 Guiyang, Kaili, Zunyi (Guizhou)
37 Chongqing
38 Guang'an, Mianyang, Guanghan, Leshan ,Zigong, Yibin, Chengdu (Sichuan)
39 Shannan region, Lhasa (Tibet)
40 Golmud , Qinghai Lake, Xining (Qinghai)
41 Urumqi, Kashi, Shihezi, Changji (Xinjiang)
42 Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Jiuquan, Tianshui, Lanzhou (Gansu)
43 Zhongwei, Wuzhong , Yinchuan (Ningxia)
44 Yanan, Yangling, Xianyang, Xi'an (Shaanxi)
45 Yuncheng, Pingyao, Taiyuan, Datong (Shanxi)
46 Hohhot, Ordos, Baotou, Chifeng (Inner Mongolia)
47 Qiqihar, Daqing, Harbin (Heilongjiang)
48 Songyuan, Changchun, Jilin, Yanji (Jilin)
49 Shenyang, Benxi, Liaoyang, Anshan, Dalian (Liaoning)
50 Yantai, Weihai, Qingdao, Rizhao, Linyi, Qufu, Tai'an, Jinan (Shandong)
51 Shangqiu and Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Anyang (Henan)
52 Shijiazhuang, Qinhuangdao, Tangshan (Hebei)
53 Tianjin
54 beijing



On April 25th morning. Russian officials came to the Savior Cathedral in Moscow with former President Farewell. Russia has a large number of people came here, mourning the sudden heart attack death of the first Russia's president.

The Remains farewell ceremony at the Cathedral of the Savior

A guard standing in the side of the President remains

Yeltsin’s visit to Germany to do heart checks in 2006

a group of crocodiles devour students

April 22, 2007, City, occurred a group of crocodiles devour students tragedy in Beihai of Guangxi

about the accident course

Snipers fired the crocodile


travel of Chimelong Paradise

Today, we are all classmates went to Chimelong Paradise, we go out from schools at 8:00, about an hour after arrival the Chimelong Paradise.

Entered the joyous world, we playing the first game is the world's second (in the United Kingdom only one), introduced for the first time in Asia, and creation of a play equipment rings up to the Guinness Book of World Records in the ten interlinks scenic railway.

In the uphill time, I worry my heart whether can accept, ceaseless tell myself I can do! So not close eyes to finish the game.

We soon arrived at the most terrifying of U-shaped slide, too exciting and down the legs still tremble! U-shaped slide is the first, more than 30-meter-high giant skateboards in Asia, decline rapidly and quickness circumgyrate is the most exciting one of the play equipment in the Park.

Then a long row of the team for driftage, we sit front row, even if wearing a plastic raincoat, but we still wet. It is a deliberately wets the players of the game.

so excite!!!

Played the driftage, we go on the Moto scenic railway.
Moto scenic railway is the first Eastern Hemisphere, its 0-80 km speed up just 2.8 seconds. This can speed comparable racing with F1, and obtain the world of pleasure Association annual Design Gold Award.

Almost 1:00 when we finally a part of the stimulate game is jumped machine.

Look up from the low, I be afraid, but classmate said came here now that if you don't play, it's too squander.

At last, I can surmount my afraid the high mentality.

Played the stimulate game in the morning, casually eat lunch and continue playing, the afternoon we played some static game.

Ate the lunch, we go on play the static game.

The last, we go to see the stunt, they introduction of well-known American stunt team, the integration of explosion, shooting pyrotechnics, sound, light, water-skiing, and other high-altitude stunt.

Woo!!! Today is too excite, played much game , all people were weary.

Much people was sleep when we went up the bus, we arrive at school about 7:00.

They say today is to weary, tonight must use the hot watter soak the legs.


chuanlod holiday manor

Monday, our class went to the manor for picnic, make the meal by ourselves.

this is in front of the manor door!

Mate was select the good green vegetable wash them.

The rice was cook by me, it is me the first time cooking! en .....delicious!

Chiasma the cup, is chinese wedding tradition proprieties, the mean is the consort can everlasting. But in this, we were gaggery.

This is the first finished meat, is a fish!

Yeah! finished 6 dishware meats! Have the chicken, beef, pork and vegetable!

Finished!!! All the meat was finished!! cheers~~~~~~

begin to eat!!! cook by ourselves, it is much delicious!!!

and we went to the circus, we saw a children hair is very special! look it:

this travel is very happy, can eat the meat by ourselves! I think much people is the first time cook by sheself!!